Zixi Platform

Zixi’s video streaming platform addresses the media industry’s biggest challenges, making it possible for organizations to customize and extend their reach, increase their production speed and reduce operational costs. A key component of the Zixi Platform is its transport protocol, a content and network-aware protocol that dynamically adjusts to varying network conditions and employs error correction techniques for error-free video streaming over IP. With minimum overhead to physical bandwidth, this dynamic mechanism provides low end-to-end latency, removes jitter, recovers and re-orders packets, smooths video delivery and regenerates video to its original form, all in real-time.

Zixi delivers outstanding performance at low predictable latency, superior reliability, no packet loss, and broadcast-grade video quality (SD, HD, and UHD) with no tradeoffs in video or audio delay, resolution or stutter.



ZEN Master delivers:

  • Central, permission-based access to the entire Zixi Enabled Network
  • Operational and administrative views
  • Global monitoring of all live streaming activity across connected Zixi nodes
  • Orchestration of inputs and outputs across the supply chain
  • Easy connection to Amazon Web Services Auto-Scaling Clusters for immediate, automatic redundant scaling.
  • Rapid troubleshooting with immediate access to logs, performance graphs and direct access to all Zixi nodes.