Turbo Charged
A single HyperSpace adds up to 400% more performance to ‘Space’ tier 1 configurations. Any new ‘Space’ configuration can be improved with HyperSpace, including enhanced and expanded multi controller systems, up to 1.7 Petabytes.
Going Beyond Space
Space meets the needs of most facilities and broadcasters for a fast and scalable online storage platform. While it’s ideally suited to handle large HD editing workgroups, some users require the next level of performance. When organizations add large numbers of additional workstations to the workgroup or begin using multiple DPX and 4K streams concurrently with HD content, HyperSpace is the cost-effective turbo charger for your Space system.

Solid State Acceleration
HyperSpace is an intelligent acceleration unit for Space. This SSD based accelerator addresses the I/O performance gap between HDD systems and the ultimate performance of the Space SSD range. By intelligently lowering latency and increasing IOPS performance, the user experience is up to 400% faster. The system delivers exceptional performance, using two unique technologies – IDA2 (Inflight Data Acceleration) and the DRAM-based Chaos Cache. Working as a single volume, HyperSpace’s SSDs and Space’s HDDs offer highly cost-effective performance with expandable capacities.

HyperSpace is a low-profile 1U SSD-based rack unit that bolts onto Space. One or more Hyperspace units can be added to a Space unit ensuring that as your storage grows, so does the amount of acceleration (each Hyperspace requires a free PCI-E slot). A HyperSpace-enabled Space system can also be expanded dynamically in the same way as every other Space and Echo unit by adding spinning disk EX units.

Single Secure Volume
Security is ensured by immediately committing all data to Space’s Raid 6 HDD array. Furthermore advanced SSD management keeps the write overhead to within the data center specification of high endurance SSDs. Even the smallest 1.6TB HyperSpace is designed to process (in or out) 16TB of new unique data every day without exceeding the predicted endurance cycle of 5 years. Further expansion and security is available by replicating or duplicating to a Space Echo using the built in software. HyperSpace allows a near instant mirror of all data to be sent to an Echo up to 10 Kilometers away making for a very robust disaster recovery policy that offers more protection than a typical cluster solution that all resides in one server room.


  • Key Feature: Enables Space to support concurrent 4K, DPX and HD streams and very large workgroups.
  • Performance: Extreme speed can be further enhanced with additional units.
  • Capacities: Daily Throughput 16TB, 32TB & 64TB (1.6TB, 3.2TB or 6.4TB raw).
  • Expansion & Scalability: Expand capacities further with Space EX .
  • Unit Dimensions – 43mm x 437mm x 597mm
  • Carton Dimensions – 200mm x 610mm x 810mms
  • Unit Weight – 15Kg
  • Shipping weight 20Kg
  • Input Range 180-240 VAC, 60-50Hz
  • Power Requirements @ Standby 11W
  • Power Requirements @ Full load 200W
  • Operating Temperature Range 5 – 35C
  • Non Operating range -40 – 60C
  • Operating Humidity Range 8 – 90% non-condensing
  • Non Operating Humidity Range 5 – 95% non-condensing
  • SSD acceleration for Tier 1 Space systems
  • Hot Swap 2.5″ SSD
  • Daily Throughputs 16TB, 32TB & 64TB (1.6TB, 3.2TB or 6.4TB)
  • Data centre high endurance SSDs
  • Data replication to other Space units
  • Easy to administer
  • High density 1RU (Rack Unit) form factor
  • 1 year advanced replacement warranty on drives
  • 1 year return to base warranty on other parts