Central Tape Storage
Tape archiving has been dogged by slow transfer speeds and the inability to share drives over networks. LTO Space changes all that. Developed for central archives, the Space multidrive LTO-5 / LTO-6 system can write and read data from any or all drives simultaneously at an astonishing 640MB/s (LTO-6). Network-attached, users can read and write from any authorized workstation, for a workflow that is far more efficient than drives tethered to a single dedicated computer.
The Safest Solution
With this performance comes not only data transfer efficiencies: running the drives at their native speed means that the tape does not shuttle back and forth to accommodate varying data rates. This means that our systems do not unnecessarily weaken the magnetic tape as others can. For media archives, this is a critical factor.

Multi-Drive Network Solution
With GB Labs systems, these speeds can be sustained, making Space LTO perfect for multi-channel content creators, owners and distributors.

  • Archives up-to four 1.5TB / 2.5TB LTO tapes simultaneously at full speed
  • Supports LTFS for fast back up and data transfer
  • Supports TAR for deep archiving
  • Available with 1-4 tape drives, with full spanning capabilities
  • High performance uplink via 10GbE to Space storage
  • Automatic offload of data with disk-to-tape technology in a Space environment


  • Performance figures are currently unavailable.
  • Key Feature: Handles tapes at full speed to guarantee tape integrity
  • Performance: Read/write all 160Mb/s tapes at full speed
  • Connectivity: 1Gb and 10Gb Ethernet
  • Capacities: Read/write all 160Mb/s tapes at full speed
  • Expansion & Scalability: Backward compatible with LTO-3, 4 and 5 tape dependent on model
  • Unit Dimensions – 490mm x 660mm x 2U
  • Carton Dimensions – 620mm x 860mm x 230mm
  • Unit Weight – 22Kg Shipping weight 28Kg
  • Input Range 100 – 240 VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Power Requirements @ Standby 11W Requirements @ Full load 240W
  • PSU Safety / EMC – USA-UL listed. Canada-CUL listed, Germany-TUV Certified, EN60950/IEC 0950-Compliant, CB Report
  • Operating Temperature Range 10 – 35C, Non Operating range -40 – 70C
  • Operating Humidity Range 8 -90% non-condensing
  • Non Operating Humidity Range 5 – 95% non-condensing
  • 2U rack mount form factor (round and square Rack mounts included)
  • Requires high performance storage such as SPACE or SPACE SSD
  • Ideal for larger workgroups
  • Options for one to four LTO-5 or LTO-6 tape drives
  • Dual redundant 500W removable PSUs
  • Supports any mix of Windows, Mac and Linux clients
  • No user licensing costs
  • No client software to install
  • Supports SPACE and SPACE Echo data replication
  • 2 x 10G Ethernet (CX4) ports for storage connections
  • 2 x 1G Ethernet (GbE) ports for system administration
  • 1 x IPMI Ethernet port for hardware monitoring
  • 1 year advanced replacement warranty on PSUs and drives
  • 1 year return to base warranty on other parts