Deep, offline storage of media used to mean slow transfer speeds and limited capacities. With the Space LTO range, users can write multiple tapes at up-to 640MB/s each and archive projects of any size. Supporting TAR and LTFS formats, the systems can play an invaluable back up and archive role. GB Labs’s offline storage has the read and write performance to transfer data at the tape’s native speed, even with multiple drives working simultaneously. Not only does this reduce transfer times, but it also limits wear to the tape media and to the magnetic heads. With precious archives, careful handling of the tape is crucial. Space LTO units reside on Ethernet-based infrastructures and can copy data from anywhere on the network. The systems support spanning files over multiple tapes, backward compatibility with LTO-4 and LTO-5, plus automatic disk to tape offload based on user-defined rules.

Tape archiving has been dogged by slow transfer speeds and the inability to share drives over networks. LTO Space changes all that. Developed for central archives, the Space multidrive LTO-5 / LTO-6 system can write and read data from any or all drives simultaneously at an astonishing 640MB/s (LTO-6). Network-attached, users can read and write from any authorized workstation, for a workflow that is far more efficient than drives tethered to a single dedicated computer.

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