In excess of 6000MB/s
There is no faster storage.
Digital cinematographers, 8K content creators, 4K editors, animators, VFX houses – or anyone working with multiple users in a high-resolution environment – need the highest performance storage. Our SSD-based RAID systems are the fastest available and are optimized for super high resolution environments as well as workgroups with very large numbers of concurrent users.
4K DPX Support
It’s the only storage solution that is truly suited to online editing of 2K and 4K DPX files in a shared environment. This means you can process more material in a shorter time, while allowing your team to work in the highest resolution possible. Amazingly, Space SSD can sustain ultra-high data rates for consistent levels of performance. But it’s not just for 4K editors: it’s also fantastic for very large groups of HD users, enabling dozens of editors to share projects concurrently.

Fast data management
Featuring 40Gb or 10Gb Ethernet connections, the built-in Space file transfer software enables you to exchange data with other Space units at up-to 1100MB/s. So there’s no reason why Space SSD should ever run short of capacity: simply move completed projects and ageing clips to tier 1 and tier 2 archive storage, freeing up valuable terabytes on your main platform.


  • Key Feature: Supports multiple DPX streams
  • Performance: Extreme speed can be further enhanced with EX SSD
  • Connectivity: 1Gb and 10Gb with options for 40Gb Ethernet
  • Capacities: 6TB, 12TB, 14TB, 19TB
  • Expansion & Scalability: Expand capacities with Space SSD EX up-to 307TB
  • Unit Dimensions – 490mm x 630mm x 2U
  • Carton Dimensions – 680mm x 960mm x 270mm
  • Unit Weight – 22Kg Shipping weight 32Kg
  • Input Range 100 – 240 VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Power Requirements @ Standby 21W Requirements @ Full load 300W
  • PSU Safety / EMC – USA-UL listed. Canada-CUL listed, Germany-TUV Certified, EN60950/IEC 60950-Compliant, CB Report, CCC Certification 80 PLUS gold certified
  • Operating Temperature Range 10 – 35C, Non Operating range -40 – 70C
  • Operating Humidity Range 8 -90% non-condensing
  • Non Operating Humidity Range 5 – 95% non-condensing
  • 2U rack mount form factor (round and square Rack mounts included)
  • Twenty four ‘hot swap’ high performance 2.5” enterprise class SSD drive units ideal for workgroups
  • RAID 5 operation for data protection
  • Dual redundant 900W removable PSUs
  • Supports any mix of Windows, Mac and Linux clients
  • No user licensing costs
  • No client software to install
  • Supports SPACE Echo data replication
  • Easy to administer Expandable capacity and performance using SPACE EX SAS expansion
  • 2 off 10G Ethernet (10GbE) CX4 ports for client connections
  • 2 off 1G Ethernet (GbE) ports for system administration
  • 1 off IPMI Ethernet port for hardware monitoring
  • 1 year advanced replacement warranty on PSUs and drives
  • 1 year return to base warranty on other parts