[S]Super Tier1


In the most demanding workgroups, users will simultaneously read and write 4K, DPX and VFX files as well as a variety of compressed and uncompressed HD file formats. In these environments very high and sustained IOPs (input output operations per second) are essential. GB Labs’ SSD systems can deliver the extreme read-write speeds required for these complex, multi-layer, multi-user, high resolution projects or extremely large HD editing workgroups.

There is no faster storage.
Digital cinematographers, 8K content creators, 4K editors, animators, VFX houses – or anyone working with multiple users in a high-resolution environment – need the highest performance storage. Our SSD-based RAID systems are the fastest available and are optimized for super high resolution environments as well as workgroups with very large numbers of concurrent users.

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EX SSD expands Space SSD for greater capacity and even higher performance. With capacities from 1.9TB – 14.4TB, your Super Tier 1 system can grow to support more concurrent HD, 2K and 4K DPX users. Space EX SSD is a cost-effective expansion solution that upgrades your system with virtually no downtime, no tiresome configuration routines and no need to re-set client computers. No system is simpler to expand than Space.

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