FileCatalyst Direct Comparison Matrix

FileCatalyst Direct is a managed file transfer system designed to accelerate, automate and secure file transfers. There are a few alternatives to FileCatalyst that are classified as competing products or alternative technologies. While evaluating alternatives,consider the following points:

  • FileCatalyst is fully cross-platform. Any OS running Sun Java SE can run FileCatalyst.
  • Web applets allow for an installation-free user experience, and enable integrating file transfer into your corporate website or web application.
  • Only FileCatalyst offers Rsync-like file delta transfers.
  • Unparalleled Industry experience: Unlimi-Tech Software, publishers of FileCatalyst technology, have been in the business of file transfers since 2000. With over 750 installations worldwide including DELL, Disney, Ericsson, Ford, GAP, NASA, Standard Chartered Bank and the US Government, Unlimi-Tech can easily estimate an end-user base of over a million users.

Listed below are the comparable metrics of FileCatalyst technology with competing and alternative solutions. Each is described in greater detail by hovering over the short description.